Ten defense measures for safe travel of electric bicycles


Electric bicycles are favored by the masses for their lightness, environmental protection and other characteristics. They have quickly become an important travel tool for the general public. However, the proportion of traffic accidents involving electric bicycles has increased year by year, and some counties (cities, districts) even exceeded 80% of traffic accidents are related to electric vehicles. After research, it is found that most traffic accidents occur regularly and can be prevented. Through the analysis of common electric bicycle traffic accidents, we propose ten safe travel defense measures, hoping to help electric vehicle drivers and passengers.

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Ten defense measures for safe travel of electric bicycles

a) Stay away from large trucks at intersections

b) One stop, two watch and three pass" before turning

c) Stop and observe when crossing the road 

d) Observe traffic signals 

e) standardize the wearing of safety helmets 

f) Observe the regulations on yielding at intersections 

g) refuse to drive in reverse 

h) Do not go around in front of large vehicles 

i) stop drinking and driving 

j) Refusing to carry people illegally

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