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Foshan JIMOVE Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company driven by original design. We are focus on R&D and brand operation of smart micro-electric products, and serving more than 100 global micro-electric product operators. Establish a Southeast Asian cross-border operation center in 2019, and a European operation center and a North American operation center will be established in 2020. Our product's user positioning is the pursuit of high quality customer groups. So far, our products have obtained 35 technical patents, including 30 domestic patents, 5 international patents, and also won The third Shanghai international Product design Golden pole Award two awards.Our products take light folding as the core, covering the types of electric scooter, mini electric car, sports leisurely folding car, mountain bike, snowmobile and so on. We are determined to make progress, focus on innovation and customer needs. In 2016, we established B TO C and B TO B domestic e-commerce operation teams. In 2019, the cross-border e-commerce B TO B foreign trade team will be established. With the aim of communicating with global customers more smoothly and providing high-quality services, our team will continue to create more intelligent micro-electric mobility tools suitable for users' real needs and serve more customers with common business philosophy around the world.

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